Painful Truth

You think too much, and you feel too deeply. That is your problem, but you find it okay because it’s the only way that makes you feel alive. You are different and as much as you wanted to run away from life, you choose to stay. You see, you have become so good at keeping … More Painful Truth

Just If

If tomorrow never comes for me, Please tell him I never regret having feelings for him. Tell him how much he means to me Just tell him what I feel. And if he lost his self in the sea, Tell him he must face the world without me. Because the love I gave to him … More Just If

After A While

Hello there my dear readers, I know I was long gone, I was so busy adulting! It sucks how adulthood is taking away my life, and by ‘life’ means – writing, blogging, catching up with my favorite TV series, reading, and anything that involves doing nothing. I am surprised knowing that there are people still … More After A While

Enigma of the Moon

Life in this planet could never have occurred without our moon and the reason for it is that the moon creates its tidal effect and without this effect of tides and rhythmic motion of the oceans, life would never have begun in this planet. Ancient Astronauts believe that the moon was brought here from the … More Enigma of the Moon