Darkest Hour

Friday. 12:09am. Browsing through the internet. The sky is probably sad and I am happy for that. I love storm and thunder – only when I am at home. There is something about rain that makes me genuinely happy. The sound of rain on my window pane calms my mind and soul. It’s the time … More Darkest Hour

They Go, Anyway

In our 20’s, we meet people in different walks of life. We meet them in the most unexpected ways and we part ways with them in the most sudden event. You might think how it did all happen and why it has to happen? When someone we thought was the one, we get hurt and … More They Go, Anyway

May of This Year

Funny and scary how time flies so fast and if only I can stop the world from spinning, I will, but for this moment, I won’t. Because God, I am totally in love with this year. I told it, 2016 is better than before. I am writing this one because I cannot believe its June … More May of This Year