This page is long overdue and there is so much to tell about myself because I am that Awesome! Lols, no – I am just trying to sound like a cool kid because that is how they do it.

Okay, where should I begin? Should I start with “Do you have a boyfriend?” because why in the world I am starting to feel not okay when someone asks me this one? Fine, first thing first, will come to that one later.

  1. Are you Chinese/ Korean? – I may have the facial features that would support the question, but no, I am not. To quote what my friend Henri said “May dugo lang” haha. I am 90% Filipina, 5% Spanish, and 5% Chinese. My great grandfather is Spanish and my great grandmother is Chinese.
  2. Where did you graduated from? – I graduated from De La Salle – Bacolod City with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Some also have asked me, “So you know how to code a program?” and guys, sorry to fail your hopes, no I am not. Writing codes to create a software or program is not my expertise. I am more into Web Designing and Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO.
  3. Do you have siblings? How many are you? – Yes, I do have. We are five and I am the eldest. I only have one baby brother and he is the youngest of all. His name his Lanz Gerald and I miss him.
  4. What type of writing style/s are you into? – When people know I write for a living, they thought I am a legit author. Haha, how I wish though, but why not in the future? For work, I do creative writing for some content marketing and social media marketing. Set aside the code I am writing for web design and back-end of the blog. But really, when I am not working, I usually write poems and narrative stories. I think my style is more of Descriptive and less of Narrative writing.
  5. Where do you currently live and where’s your hometown? – Long before, I lived in Commonwealth, Central Avenue in Quezon City. I moved in to San Juan just this year (February) and I grew up in Bacolod City, the City of Smiles of the Philippines. My parents and 3 other siblings are living there, just this April, my sister, Kissha moved in with me here in Manila.
  6. What is your religion and political views? – Yes, really, I do get these kinds of question. I am a member of Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo), I was born INC and will die still. Can’t talk much about Politics, it’s a dirty game here in the Philippines, but one thing is for sure, I am no hater of Marcos and I’ll frown upon when I hear something about LBP.
  7. What is your day job? – I’m a Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist by day, writes random pieces at night, and an online entrepreneur by weekend or if I have free time.

If you have some other questions to ask me, you are always free to send me an email. Whether you want to ask some career and life advice, I will do my best to get back to you with the right answers to live for.

Thank you for spending some time to read this one.