Natalie was born in the City of Smiles of the Philippines – Bacolod City. She loves art and technology, and she hopes to make a world a better place to live in through communicating in the form of writing. She is currently living on her own and this is by far the most exciting thing ever happened in her life.

She graduated from the De La Salle- Bacolod with honors where she took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. It wasn’t her first choice though, because she wanted to took up B.A in English Literature or B.S in Medical Technology. But she didn’t  thought that IT is fun yet challenging and this is where she discovered her love for blogging and technology, but she has been a tech-geeky long before that when her uncles thought her how to use a computer when she was just 10 years old.

Books are her companion when she was growing up. Since then, she feels like she already traveled the world by reading books. She usually reads about World History, Space and Technology, Arts and Literature. Her auntie and uncles from her mother side were the ones who always give them educational books to read with her siblings since most of them were teachers in profession.

December of 2013, she has finally decided to live by her own to pursue her passion and take a course of an action to change her perspective about life.

Basically, her daily life is mainly consists of coffee stains and inks. Natalie is a proud Christian and a member of the Church of Christ. She believes that by her faith, she can move mountains.

Her biggest dream is to become an author and while she is still working on that, she hopes to inspire others by sharing her journey through this little space she considers her journal.

All throughout her life, she experienced a lot of ups and downs. Including what career she would like to do for the rest of her life. And finally, after some job hopping and soul searching, she is now in the right place where she really wants to be.

She is trying hard to balance her work and personal life in between.

This is Natalie version 3.0 – ready to fly and always be a student of life.

“New jobs are like a bus you get on, in time. If you don’t like where the bus is going, you get off and look for another bus to get on.”

Cheers to a happy life!