Some Will Come, Few Will Stay

I happened to scan some old photos stored in my laptop and for my surprise, I saw some people which made me questioned myself if who are they. Time will actually make you forget people, places and things that doesn’t matter to you anymore. And you know what? It is fine. Time and time again, your memory will not be able to recognize faces you haven’t seen and talked to for a long time.


It is pretty clear to me now when they say that as you grow older, you just want to be surrounded by people who are good for your soul and feeding you motivations in life.


I have been working in cleaning up my Facebook friend’s list which has an over 3000 friends and I want to narrow it down to hundreds with people I know personally, acquaintances, and relatives as much as possible. That being said, I am currently working on removing Facebook friends that I haven’t get in touch to for a long time, haven’t talked to personally, and people I know by name but not personally. It is easier this way as I can validate each person. It may sound rude and insensitive but doing this is for my own well-being. Honestly, I deactivated my Facebook account several times this year. As you know, bad news being streamed on Facebook affects my mental health. Staying away from social media often times helps me feel better.


The more I value people whom I trust, the more I feel safe and grounded. It is really not about the quantity of friends you have. As the old saying goes, “You are not growing up if you are not losing friends.”


It is better to surround yourself with people who knows you best. There will be no judgment and pretending to be someone else, and I like it that way.


At the end of the day, no matter where I have been, I still prefer to be with my friends I’ve known a little longer. Friends who stayed with me through the storms, and friends I chose to keep forever.


But above all these things, I learned that the best ones come from both sides of the time. Old will always be gold only when you put effort from keeping it on shining  and new found friends can last forever when you know how to find the ones who are good for your soul.


Oh well I have said too much! Whoever is reading this, I hope you know what kind of people you are going to keep in your heart forever.



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