Kapitolyo Finds: 3 Local Coffee Shops

Quite interesting to realize that my lifestyle has changed for the past two years!  Going out every weekend too far from my place becomes a no-no for me. My 21 year old self is so disappointed, ha! But no sorry for choosing to roam in Robinsons Magnolia whole afternoon or appreciating old buildings in Intramuros every Saturday and sleep all afternoon every Sunday. Looking back to my 21-year-old-self, I was this so active and hype in finding local coffee shops in Metro Manila. Distance wasn’t a problem to me at all. I was living in Quezon City and would travel to Pasig, Espana, or Mandaluyong just to visit some coffee shops known online.

Since I moved in to San Juan, slowly, things started to change. I would rather stay at my place and visit some places near in Manila/ San Juan like Intramuros, National Museum, SM Sta. Mesa and Robinsons Magnolia, or sometimes in Cubao. I don’t know, maybe part of me has become so practical, I rarely go to Starbucks anymore!

But you really can’t take out the city girl in me! I miss going out and spend some time in coffee shop leeching wi-fi to do some personal stuff. Especially when things are getting bored and I’ve got nothing to do (makes me crazy) – I know a place where I can chill and eat cake like a happy kid.

If you are a constant foodie, you might have heard of Kapitolyo located in Pasig. This place houses some of the best food parks, resto and quirky coffee shops you can ever imagine. I’ve been here countless of times but haven’t went to every resto and coffee shops in there. When it comes to coffee shops, I am so selective in terms of its interior, price, ambiance and food, of course.

So far, Epic Roastery, Cafe Bobs, and United Coffee – all located in Kaptilyo made it to my ‘Best in Kapitolyo” list! These 3 coffee shops are my highly recommended to anyone who might ask me.

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Black Coffee with Frappe in Cafe Bobs. This is my go-to place when I want a quiet environment or sometimes I go here just because of their cakes! They are bomb! Cafe Bobs is originally from Bacolod, so I was so happy when I stumbled this place 2 years ago. I remember my mom would reserved a cake from them every new year! Also they have available outlets in case you want to bring your laptop with you here, but remind you, they have a bad internet connection so you might want to bring your pocket wi-fi. 

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Iced Coffee Americano from United Coffee PH

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Also from United Coffee PH. We really had a hard time finding this place in Kapitolyo! Glad someone knew we were looking for this place and guided us all the way up there. They are located at Second Floor, 16 United Street, Kapitolyo, across Ace Waters Spa. We stayed there from 3pm-9pm and i swear this is the perfect place when you want to escape from the busy and noisy street in Metro Manila. They even have extensions and fast wi-fi connection so if you want to work quietly  and be productive, get up there and try their brownies!


This is an epic place that offers epic foods! Epic Roastery in Kapitilyo gives me a vibe like I am in a different city (Mystic Grill in The Vampire Diaries). Their Lava Cake I might say is a must thing you need to try and don’t forget to pair it with their best-selling Caramel Macchiato! They do have a wi-fi connection but don’t have any available outlets. This is a good place to hang out with your friends and I swear they play great music here!

That’s it for now, I’m thinking to go back there but I don’t know when. I was there last April and that was an unexpected visit though. I think I need to try other cafes too, so if you know some coffee shops that are worth to visit, please do comment down below!

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Until next time. Thanks 🙂

Written – May 28, 2017
Updated – June 7, 2017


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