The Kitchen Diaries Café in Kapitolyo, Pasig

I spend more time in café’s more than anywhere else in the world. When I am not working on the weekend, I am either stuck in my room lying on my bed or enjoying myself in the comfort of reading books and leeching wi-fi in a café. I love discovering new places to eat, it feels like meeting a new friend and you know a good relationship is about to happen.

Last year, I discovered many places around Metro Manila and some of them were coffee shops and resto bars. I think I spent a lot of money on foods than material things last year. Because yes, great foods are my real guilty pleasure.

December of last year, my officemates and I went to Kapitolyo in search for a newly-opened coffee shops around. But since we went out in the office at 8pm and we work in Ortigas Center, I looked for some suggestions available online. There I stumbled upon this quaint-y themed café – the Kitchen Diaries.

It was past 10:30pm when we arrived there. We had a hard time trying to find it because the place is too small, and it is located inside the house where you need to go upstairs. Actually, when we arrived there, the place is close but according to their FB Page, they usually close at 11pm. We knocked and surprisingly someone opened the door. They allowed us to go inside and one of the staff said they decided to close early for they are preparing their Holiday promos. But still thanks to them for being so nice to allow us to get inside.

I am quite interested and amazed on how they maximized their place. As what I have said, their place is small but really cute tho. The color of the place is a combination of blue and pink, so bubbly! If you love quotes and hanging photographs, displayed on the walls, then you might think of this place as your new hide out.




A slice of cake and a cup of coffee in the middle of the night. Why not?


What i ordered. A slice of Mango-Hersheys cake and partnered it with Milo Bomb. These are the best-selling according to them so i gave them a chance. Though the cake is not that firm and moist, still it was sort of delicious. The Milo Bomb is kind of confusing, they asked me to pour the glass of Milo into another cup with marshmallows. I thought something is about to explode, but there was not. It’s like a Milo drink with marshmallow on it. The taste? Uhmmmm a perfect drink for breakfast. I think kids will surely enjoy this one.


If you have nothing to do this weekend, hop off to Kapitolyo and make sure to give yourself a #KIDified moment. This is a perfect place for a simple hangout with your best friends or significant other. Also if you are looking for a place to shoot for fun, this one is a good-to-go-place.

Visit the Kitchen Diaries at  2nd floor, No. 11 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig (on top of Holland Tulips).



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