Lagro Food Trip Part 2: Amaris Street Cafe

On my previous post, I introduced BAB (Back Alley Burger) and how I was amazed and amused to their colored burgers and lemonades. Now, as my Lagro Food Trip continues, I will take you to this quirky little café that serves yummy Frappes and delish cakes, the Amaris Street Café.

F.Y.I – i was so sick last Thursday and Friday and i think the AlDub concert plus this food trip really helped me to feel better. Great Saturday indeed!


Kriz, Anj, and I were craving for something sweet right after we ate burgers and fries. Anj, being the tour guide on this food trip in Lagro, told us that there is something we can grab on down the street. We took a short walk then we decided to take a jeepney to bring us to Bristol Street in Lagro, Fairview. When we dropped off, the first café you’ll see is the Amaris Café. Their place is quite attractive from afar and you know they serve Frappes because of the tarps displayed outside. But at first sight, we skipped it to look for other cafes, but we saw nothing. So we came back to Amaris and giggled over their place. Though the place is small, you will be amazed to their cute interiors.


Their menu on the top of their pretty table. Surprisingly, they serve good Frappes in such a budget-friendly price.


Their Blueberry Cheese for only P60. It tastes real good as it looks good in this photo.

graham cake

I loved this! Graham Cake for only P45, such a steal.



They also serve meals and breakfast, another reason for me to come back to try all of these.


Kriz, looking seductive!


Anj, looking so serious on her phone!


And of course, there’s me!

And that ends my Lagro Food Trip with ze girls. Thanks Amaris for the great food and great service you have shown to us! I think me and my girls have finally found a place to chill on the weekends!


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