Lagro Food Trip – BAB (Back Alley Burger)

Saturday is my most favorite day of the week, ever. This is the day where i can think of nothing except food. Spending my money over gastronomical thing rather than buying new clothes has always been my guilty pleasure. One thing i am so thankful for is that i don’t get fat no matter how much i eat. This is what my friends are jealous of me, haha. Thanks parents for the genetics!

By the way, two of my friends who lives in Fairview, Quezon City has been planning to go out for a food trip in Lagro. First i was like, “Really, in Lagro? What’s in there?” If you live in North of Metro Manila, especially if you are heading to Fairview or Caloocan, you might have been heard of Lagro or at least you must have passed it. Lagro for me is like a public market. But i was wrong, Lagro in QC is filled with newbie food strips that offers the best burger and fries in town. I am talking about BAB (Back Alley Burger), more about them later.

So my friends and i met at the SM Fairview and walked to Lagro. While we were on our way, we stumbled upon this apartelle.


We were so surprised upon seeing this. Hello Yaya Dub! I am an ALDub fan and I still can’t move on about the  #AlDubEBTamangPanahon, if you know what i mean.

Oh sorry for the commercial break, just so stoked about it. Okay going back, when we finally reached our destination, excitement filled our emotions. This is it, get ready to be amused to their burgers.


We ordered the quarter pound burger in three different colors. Mine’s blue, Kriz’s orange, and Anj’s orange. The bun is so soft and the patty’s very good.


The lemonades also comes in different colors. How cute right?


This is their menu guys. Everything is budget-friendly and they serve delicious foods. I am planning to go back their again to try their Nachos and the other burgers as well.

BAB is located beside 7/11 at Blk 9 Lot 3 Ascension Ave, Greater Lagro, Quezon City.


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